I spent this last weekend at Ani-Magic in Lancaster (warning: exceptionally ugly website). The con was pretty lame, but hanging out with my friends and being costumed dorks was plenty fun. Lancaster is… well, calling it a pit is being pretty generous. One of my roommates brought a rice cooker and made onigiri each morning. We were well-fed, which was awesome, because the only things within walking distance of the hotel were a 7-11 and a Carl’s Jr.

Next weekend is FallFest! I’m really looking forward to this- last year was a blast. Food and wine and food and food and wine and chocolate and (hopefully) that lotion I really like but is way too expensive and Gray Goose and even more food. Oh, and another Riedel wine glass. (:

Well, I have returned from the hell that is Anaheim and the fun that is Anime Expo. Stepping out of the car last night in Pleasanton was wonderful. It was chilly and dry. Anaheim was hot and muggy. Mm, northern California.

Ryan found an article about AX featuring a picture of our Katamari-ness from last year. Check it out. Even better is his reaction to it here.

Woohoo, new Katamari shoot with Lionel! Check it out!

Click on the picture to see more from our photoshoot. That’s me as Honey, Lydia as the Prince, and Amber-Dawn in my Kuro costume from last year.

Much thanks and love to our photographer Lionel, to my two cousins, and to Sara for making the dress for me.

Oh, Honey.

The face is actually blank at the moment. I need to paint it tonight. Right now, that’s Kuro’s face pasted on via the magic of Paint Shop Pro (although it’s very sloppy shopping, which is why it’s a little skewed). The antenna is not attached so that transport will be easier. Well, “easier.”

Reference pic, for those of you who don’t have the Katamari characters BURNED INTO YOUR MIND.

Yes, my head is too wide and not tall enough in comparison. Oh well. I am so friggin’ tired of this costume. Ah, cosplay. Ah, humanity.

I attached the other lobe of Honey’s head last night. I stepped back and realized, “My god, this thing is HUGE.” End to end, I think her head’s about 45″ long. Eep. The Prince and Kuro’s heads are only around three feet long.

And the only things keeping those lobes on are hope, will, and far too much Goop. I tried carpet tape- it peeled off. I tried a quilting gun- it broke (thank heavens it had a warranty). I hope the head stays together long enough to get a few good pictures.

I burnt my left middle finger making cookies last night. And I have a lovely bruise on my shoulder from the tetanus shot.

I’m having lunch with Mom and Jon today, yay! And there’s D&D tonight.

Ha HA! The ANTM spoiler I read was wrong! Furonda stayed! Man, I was so surprised when they sent Nnenna home. It’s not like Nnenna really needs this competition, anyway. Now that she’s gotten some exposure through the show, I’m sure she’ll get signed quickly. Ee, I’m so happy Furonda didn’t get cut.

(Yes, I dork out over America’s Next Top Model. What?)

So, tonight at D&D was very exciting. My character almost died.Zed ‘s character (our wizard) almost died. We ran away from that battle! However, although we didn’t earn any experience at all, we did get a bunch of money. I hope Kaya lives long enough to collect her mithril chain shirt. (Well, actually, R☆’s first character, Hitch, put in the order, but then he got all dead and stuff.)

I’ve been trying not to use my car this week. I think I’ll be able to make it to Saturday, but then I’m going over to Barbara May’s to hang out with her, Sara, and Kiddo, and I’m toting my unfinished Katamari costume pieces. Hopefully I’ll get Honey finished in a positive direction.

I got contacted by the guy setting up the Katamari Bay to Breakers. Man, I bet that’d be crazy, and possibly very fun. But even if I switched out my red shoes for comfortable black walking shoes (they’d at least go with the overall color scheme), I just don’t think I could last with that head weighing me down (not to mention that with the face plate up, the heads look less good, and I’d have to have it up to see where I was going). Posing for pictures and walking around conventions is much easier. Imagine that!

Sara and I are so talented that we can get negative work done on a costume. Honey is less finished today than she was before the weekend. Stupid Joanne Fabric and their discontinuing of dark magenta flannel.

I drove up to the city yesterday for the Cherry Blossom Festival. The weather was abysmal on the way up, but once I got there, it cleared up (mostly) and was fairly pleasant. I even got a bit of a sunburn on my nose.

I am not sure when I’m going to be cooking. I think tonight I might go out with the Mountain View-ers, tomorrow night is our very late seder, Wednesday’s D&D… maybe Thursday. I should defrost my last chicken.

The Katamari Damacy website has just started a new contest. A cosplay contest, in fact. Of course, since I believe the world revolves around ME, I think that the reason they chose a cosplay contest (over another fanart one) is to correct the GRAVE INJUSTICE they showed to me and Lydia last year.

(Jo, if you’re reading this, I’m just joking. [Well, mostly. I do still want to win.])

From Eurogamer.net (full article here):

And then there’s cosplay.Boy, there’s cosplay.

To understand this aspect, you have to understand that Katamari Damacy occupies a special place in the world. Caught somewhere between Japanese eccentricity and videogames, it’s piqued the interest of a particular breed of dresser-up, and they’ve risen to the challenge of becoming a centimetre-high character with an admirable disregard for physics. Without a shadow of a doubt, the talent of this crowd was exemplified by a brilliant photographic post to Livejournal with the title “Private Photoshoot of Liddo and Sarah’s Katamari Fantasy Night”. There’s plenty of less aesthetically pleasing replications of the Prince and King, though.

I love that it’s been seven months and we’re still getting linked. Hurray!