Halloween as a Gorilla Princess

[image: halloween 1984-ish]
[image: halloween 1985-ish]

I hope everyone had a nice Halloween. As I mentioned earlier, I did not dress up this year, so here is a throwback to my 1980s childhood. My brother, on the right, made a stellar cardboard robot. I was just planning on being a generic princess (dig that tin foil crown!), but at some point my dad picked up a gorilla mask and I latched onto it. Gorilla Princess was born.

We lived in Massachusetts at the time, so Halloween night was COLD. I’m probably wearing snowpants under that dress, and my brother’s wearing a winter coat and giant mittens. A costume that involved some level of head covering was a good idea, so the mask helped to keep me warm. But what I had not considered was that it would severely impede my ability to eat candy along our route. I had to make the choice: awesome mask or candy. In a move that eventually paralleled my cosplaying attitude, I chose to make the candy sacrifice rather than jeopardize The Look.

This hot dog is over Halloween. #OFFICIALLY

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2016 was a quieter Halloween. Last night I went over to the Corgi Sisters’ house and helped hand out candy to the legions of trick-or-treaters who came by. (I think there may have been a dozen in all.) Their poor dog was Seriously Not Into It. But she looked cute!

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