Improving on an Old Favorite

I think I've found a way to make my buttermilk curry even tastier.

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One of my favorite discoveries from last year’s Blogtober/Blogsgiving binge was my Buttermilk Curry recipe. I’ve made it at least ten times since then, which makes it a pretty successful recipe in my book. I mean, I probably wouldn’t have made it quite so often if I hadn’t kept buying buttermilk, freezing it, forgetting about it, and then rebuying it, compounding the problem—but thankfully the ingredients are pretty cheap. Pork always seems to be on sale, so I just buy whatever chops are close to a pound and cut it into small pieces myself. I’ve also been upping the vegetable content with extra peppers (usually an Anaheim or Pasilla, but tonight’s used the smaller purple peppers from my garden).

When I make the curry with previously frozen buttermilk, it has a tendency to split and look unattractive. Last time I tried using a mixture of buttermilk and plain yogurt, but it still broke. Tonight, I tried sour cream, and BINGO. What a lovely texture! I feel guilty because it’s getting further and further away from the original recipe (which was a mixture of recipes anyway), but damn was it good.

I tweak a lot of recipes over the years, and then I never update my records here. Bad Sarah. But I’m amending this one tonight!

PS this photo looks a lot yellower on my phone (it looked a lot yellower in real life, too). not sure why my laptop screen is washing it out so much. it’s a very yellow-hued curry, thanks to the turmeric. be ye not misled.

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