Man, I’m full.

That’s a problem, trying a new recipe out and being the only one around to eat it. Well, I guess it didn’t have to be a problem. I could have saved the leftovers. But I wasn’t all that thrilled with how this turned out, so I knew I wouldn’t eat it if I stuck it in the fridge, and I don’t like throwing food out.

Anyway, these Parmesan Potato Bites I adapted from a recipe in Cooking Light. I find CL’s recipes are generally pretty good, especially if you use full-fat versions of whatever they call for and add more cheese. Or cream. Or butter. Basically, do whatever you can to unlighten them, and it’ll taste great.

These were tasty, but they were just more time-consuming than I wanted- I was looking for a good, easy appetizer for my parents and brother when they come over this Saturday. This, however, was my fault- the potatoes were underdone when I took them out of the water, so instead of broiling them, I baked them at 350 for half an hour, to try and get the potatoes themselves a little softer.

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