Well, I finished off the banana cake this morning. I have figured out the reasons for the cake’s overmoistness. The extra banana was only half of the problem. I added an extra half cup of butter to the mix. At the time, I was not thinking, or rather, I was thinking, “One stick of butter’s a quarter cup.” Dumb, dumb Sarah. Pity her in her ineptitude.

I didn’t do any cooking today, although I did help Rob out with making cookies. He recently bought a remarkably ugly (it’s true, he agrees) KitchenAid stand mixer for very cheap on Amazon. The color is “pistaschio.” It had mad discounts. So he broke it in making chocolate chip cookes. Nestle Tollhouse recipe, very good. We went out for Indian food, discussed Dungeons & Dragons, watched Futurama (The Farnsworth Parabox), and played video games (Dr. Mario, Frogger, Rush’n Attack, and Castlevania).

I can’t believe I put in an extra stick of butter.

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