Okay, I STILL have not made anything. Bad Sarah! Bad!

However, Jon and Ryan invited me over for dinner, because Jon was going to try the new, revamped Cook’s Illustrated macaroni and cheese recipe. I think the new recipe is definitely an improvement over the old one. Still, it’s awfully soupy. We decided that Vermont people must really like their mac and cheese creamy. I might suggest more salt and more cayenne. Or a bunch of Tabasco would probably fill both of those.

I realize Cook’s is trying to make their recipes accessible to everyone, but man, they’re wordy. I don’t think you need to start heating the broiler quite that early. It’s on for a long time! If you were to make this in the summer, that’d heat your kitchen something awful, with the broiler as well as the boiling water. Well, whatever. This recipe is a little more difficult than their last recipe, but it did turn out better.

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