Oh, I am SO glad no one took me up on my offer to come over for dinner last night. Because I did something wrong. Something wrong enough to wake me up at 2:30 and stick my head in the toilet. Good times.

I’m guessing cross-contamination took place at some point, because I overcooked the chicken this time. I don’t get it- undercooked chicken and I’m okay, overcooked and I’m sick. I just want to point out that it is MY FAULT, not the recipe’s, because the recipe is damn good (Cook’s Illustrated, if you were keen to know).

I got to use my lovely new Le Creuset skillet last night! And it was wonderful. Surprisingly, it was a lot easier to clean than I was expecting.

Along with the chicken, I made some jasmine rice. I put the sauce on the rice instead of the chicken, when really, I should have put it on both. The chicken was a wee bland without it. It’s so good that I just want to eat it with a spoon, but I’m going to have to throw it out along with the chicken, and that is killing me (see earlier statement about hating to throw away food). I wish I knew how to make the sauce without having to make the chicken, but it’s kind of hard to just buy chicken drippings. I’ve got some fat, though (skimmed off the top of the stock I used in the soup a few days ago). Maybe I could try it with that.

Please, try this recipe out. I had a bad experience with it. I’ve made it two other times before, and it’s turned out fine. I will probably make it again. Although next time, I’ll buy a package of already cut-up chicken, because dismantling a whole bird is hard (although cost-effective).

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