Okay, I’m going to be redoing a lot of my old posts soon to put the recipes in separate entries from their commentaries. I think.

I made the following recipe on Friday (it is very slightly changed from a recipe in Quick from Scratch Pasta, a great cookbook). Rob came over. We had salad, but the croutons were not so good. It was saddening. Next time- more fat will be needed. We had Nutella and pretzels for dessert. That is an EXCELLENT combination, people. Try it.

I made a double recipe of strata on Saturday for the brunch we had today for early Mother’s Day. It was an excellent spread. Jon brought bagels, cream cheese, lox, capers, and red onions, and Ryan made Easter Bread. I think that’s what it’s called. It’s kind of an eggy bread (challah-esque), with almonds and dried fruit, decorated with sprinkles and whole eggs which get hard-cooked as the bread bakes. We had semi-succesful mimosas. I had bought guava juice, because Ryan makes a very tasty guavamosa, but I think the quality of the juice was much lower than what she buys. The orange juice, however, was very good. Trader Joe’s fresh-squeezed. Pulpy and delicious.

I did not end up making Jonsauce this weekend. I’m rather tired, because we were up in San Francisco at a housewarming party until 1:30 last night. And there was much alcomohol. And it was good. Bud and Eddie make an ass-kicking punch, as well as some of the tastiest finger-foods you will ever taste. They have such a commitment to their party foods. It’s really very impressive. These are guys who would not complain about scooping out a jillion small red potatoes.

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