Mm, Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese Nips. More mm, no work today. I’m a big fan of not working. Unfortunately, this eventually leads to cash flow problems.

It was so great- I slept in. Until 8:30! That’s pathetic, but what is remarkable is that I got to sleep before 4:30am. “Why do you go to bed so late, Sarah?” you ask. Ah, but that’s not the time I go to bed. I usually get to bed between 11 and 12pm. “Why so early?” you further query. If I don’t get eight hours, I am wrecked the next day. I guess those all-nighters back in college have come back to haunt me. Anyway, I’ve been sleeping VERY poorly this week, and the fact that I think I got a full night of sleep last night is a very good thing.

I was supposed to spend part of today cooking, but it’s now 3:30 and I haven’t even gotten a start on my laundry yet. I had a list: Costco, bank, interview, Target/Marshalls, laundry, groceries, Tivo, cooking. I don’t think I’ll be getting to groceries or cooking, sadly.

I bought a LamsonSharp HandleHolder today at Marshalls. Actually, I bought two- one’s a gift for Jon. They will (I believe) be good with our Le Creuset skillets. LamsonSharp won first place in the Cook’s Illustrated testing of pot holders, so I’m hoping these handle sleeves (I’m not sure how to describe them) work. They are maroon, which doesn’t go with either of our skillets.

I was at Target, looking around in their newly expanded grocery section. They are selling a pound of butter for $2.19. That’s a pretty damn good price. I’d never heard of the manufacturer, though (and I’ve already forgotten the name). I’m not sure I trust it.

My feet hurt. I’ve been running around in heels because of my interview (it went well, thanks for asking).

Leigh is back in town! Leigh is Ryan’s sister, and she does wild and crazy things with pastries (it should be noted that this was her idea, although they both worked on the execution [so to speak]). They are going to be working together on Sara’s wedding cake, which I’m sure will be amazing.

I love having a toaster.

Trader Joe’s Spicy Hummus is amazing stuff. I have to learn how to make it. I am spending way too much money on it. Go buy some, it’s surprisingly cheap, as far as hummus prices go. I eat it with microwaved popcorn (Orville Redenbacher Light Butter, if you are really keen to know). It sounds weird, but it’s really good.

And… I’m done ranting.

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