I got an email from Jon today. It said:

you should blog.

I should blog.

we should all blog.

Yes, I have been rather lax in attending to my blog lately. For that, I am sorry. I hadn’t really made much, until yesterday, when I fried a chicken. I followed Alton Brown’s directions, and it turned out quite tasty. For those of you keeping track, this now puts AB’s recipes at four successes to three failures.

I got to test out that Lamsonsharp handle holder last night while frying the chicken, and it did a pretty good job. After being on the handle of a rocket-hot cast iron skillet for a half hour, it was getting kind of hot. I could still hold it for about ten seconds, but I wouldn’t want to try any longer than that.

I am currently engaged in making coleslaw. “Currently engaged” meaning I am in the last hour of waiting for the salted cabbage to drain. I’m using Alton’s recipe, since I couldn’t get into the Cook’s Illustrated website (I’ve got a user name and password, but the dumb site is being stubborn). I have to admit, coleslaw is really not my thing. When I was but a small child, I had an aversion to anything involving mayonaise. At barbeques I was eating hot dogs and hamburgers (no bun, please- I also had things against bread back then- as well as ketchup) and nothing else. Since then, I have grown to like the potato salad and the mayonaise (in small quantities), but coleslaw hasn’t really grown on me. Ryan asked me to make it for a dinner she, Jon, and Leigh are holding tonight. Jon has made chili (best.chili.ever). Leigh is making cornbread. Ryan has made strawberry shortcake. Good times.

And so, I present you with recipes cribbed from the Food Network’s website.

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