So, the soup below is what I made last Sunday when Rob came over. It did not turn out great, but I’ve realized why. I put in eight cups of broth instead of six, which is why the soup was so thin. Also, I forgot about the butter at the very end. (Because Julia LOVES the butter.) If I had prepared this properly, I have no doubt it would have been excellent.

Jon is very keen on Julia’s French Onion Soup. The first time he made it, I cried. It was so damn good. I was hoping this would be a similar experience. Alas, it was not.

I also tried a new recipe for chicken stock last Sunday. This was from the Cook’s Illustrated book The Best Recipe. It was supposed to be a faster, easier way to get homemade stock. It involved me hacking up chicken carcasses with a cleaver. FUN. A mess, but FUN. My opinion of the recipe is that it is good, but it needs more cooking time. It turned out too weak at first, but after I boiled it down a bit, it was very good. I will make it again. The recipe is after the cream of mushroom soup.

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