Wahoo! Did a lot of cooking today. In the morning, I made the Sausage-Feta Cream Sauce. It didn’t turn out as well as before. I think I put in less feta cheese than usual. It’s still good, but it’s missing some extra tanginess.

I was looking through my Costco coupons today, and I saw that there was one for chickens- four for two. Awesome! I ended up getting them for forty-five cents a pound. Seven dollars for four chickens. I love a good deal.

I went over to Jon’s house afterwards; he’s got an extra freezer. I walk in, and Jon says, “Cool. Why don’t we make one of those for dinner?” So we did. Jon made an herb butter using sage, thyme, and garlic, and I rubbed it under the skin. I really do enjoy putting rubs under the skin. During the roasting period, we put some sliced potatoes and unpeeled garlic cloves in the pan, where they absorbed the drippings and were fantastic (perhaps even “fantastique”). I’ll post a cobbled-together recipe in a bit.

Someday I’d like to kill a chicken. Does that make me weird?

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