Below is the cookie recipe from The Joy of Cooking. The changes I made were that I did not chop the raisins, I toasted the oats a little in the oven while I was getting the rest of the recipe together, and I used a spoon to smush the cookies instead of my hands. I think I also used a smaller drop size, because I got 48 cookies out of the recipe as opposed to the 42 it indicated. Also, the thing about parchment paper was me. I find greasing the cookie sheet to be overkill. Plus, with parchment paper, cleanup is much easier.

The salsa that I made the other day was Number 5 with more chiles. I watched the broiler more carefully this time and pulled them before they became spicy nails. However, with some of the smaller chiles, I will probably add them raw next time. It was too difficult to separate the skin and seed them and have anything less. They were quite small. With the extra chiles, the salsa was much hotter (duh). Still very tasty. After cooling, I found that it needed and extra shot of lemon juice and salt.

The hummus, as I explained in my comment below, was not good. It saddened me, because it was Alton Brown’s recipe, and while I have the utmost respect for the guy and adore his shows to bits, his recipes always seem to fail for me. Well, not always. 50/50. I’m not going to crib the recipe from the Food Network site, but here’s a link. It had far too much lemon (I would suggest using just the juice, not both the juice and the zest) and was lacking in spice/spicyness. I tried to improve the situation by adding some cumin and Tabasco, but it didn’t really work. Also, the final product was very, very loose. I do like a looser hummus for popcorn-dipping, but this was going a wee bit too far. I’d cut back on the oil or the reserved garbanzo liquid.

I should review recipes over at Food Network, but… it doesn’t seem right, a positive review for a Sandra Lee recipe and a negative one for AB. (I made the Pork Wrappers again to finish up the wonton wrappers before they expired, and they are actually kind of tasty. Bad Sarah! Bad!)

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