I spent yesterday hanging out with my family. Yay! Jon and Dad played golf, Ryan and Mom completed their lamps from last weekend’s craft party, and I made appetizers. Nothing very new and exciting. I was going to make the Steamed Wonton Bundles from my Thai cookbook (so I can post a real recipe and stop feeling horrible about the Sandra Lee monstrosity that I somehow like), but we all decided that we would be too full for dinner. As it was, we had salsa, hummus, bean dip, and chicken liver mousse. It was a very dip-intensive round of hors d’oeuvres. And then I made twice-baked potatoes to go with the lamb we ate for dinner.

I got a chance to try out a new drink with my mom and Ryan. We had tamarind margaritas. These were a lot of work and far too strong for my taste. It took me about three hours to get to the point where I said, “Here, Dad, you finish this.” (Because, you see, I nursed it for so long that they returned from their golfing.) Also, not terribly attractive drinks, kind of a tan color.

I’ll post the recipe anyway. I need to write to Ryan and ask her for the recipe to my dad’s margaritas (which I also think are too strong [although everyone else seems to love them], but they’re easier than the tamarind ones). She wrote it down last night, but I was too lazy to grab a pen and paper.

Argh! Well, I was going to post the tamarind margarita recipe, but I can’t find it. I was sure I stuck it in Here in America’s Test Kitchen before I left last night, but apparently not. That’s really annoying.

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