Oh, the boys sure did like the cookies last night. All 33 cookies were gone by the end of the night.

And, really? So very easy. I don’t have either a stand mixer or a hand mixer, so the creaming was done with a fork. It came together really quickly and didn’t kill my arm.

No one died last night, although Rob’s character, Cooper, did do his best and come close volunteering as a human pincushion. He may die next week, as he’s fallen victim to the charms of our enemies. My character got confused and dropped his rage, which meant that he was boned in terms of combat (penalties to armor class, attack rolls, damage, and some saving rolls) for the duration of this fight. I’m thinking we’re still going to be in combat at the beginning of our next session.

Oh, crap! The haste bonus to AC is going to be gone when we start next week. That’s minus another four. Damn it!

Note to DMs: if you decide to plan an adventure in the astral plane, make sure you are fully up on you trig. And make sure all of your players are, too. Stupid three-dimensional thinking. Floating in three-dimensional space around a small planetoid that has decided gravity is down (not towards the center of the sphere, but just DOWN), fighting on a ship that has crashed into the side of the planetoid with it’s own decisions about gravity… oh, it gives me a headache. We had to get out a stress ball and stick pins into it do determine where we all were and which vectors we were taking to get to places.

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