These corn frittery things need work, but I think they have potential. It would be good if I could get them less greasy. The solution would be most likely deep frying, but then I’m not sure what I’d do to do the dough to make them more cohesive. It’s something to think about. Maybe baking them would work. I don’t know.

After we noshed, Jon decided that he was still in the mood for Thai, so he, Russ (his coworker), and I went out to Bangkok Bay in Redwood City. I have a tendency to think that every place I like is the best place, but really? Bangkok Bay is so damn good. We had the Panang Curry Beef, Spicy Pork with Basil, Pork with Garlic and Something Else, and a Thai Pancake for dessert. Jon and I think that the pancake should be easy to make. It’s like a slightly thicker crepe with sweeetened condensed milk and sugar.

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