The cheese bread, while tasty, was a bitch-and-a-half to get out of the pan. It adhered to the sides, and no amount of sliding a knife around it was able to dislodge it. In the end, we got about two-thirds of it out of the pan, and then Jon and I got a fork and ate the stuck bits out of the loaf pan.

Ryan and I were talking about a better way to do this. She suggests a parchment paper sling. I think this is a capital idea. I am also keen on trying the variation Cook’s has for Cheese Bread with Bacon, Onion, and Gruyere. I think that sounds really quite good. I won’t be trying it for a while, though. This recipe annoyed me too much.

It was so very hot today. Ryan’s working on decorating a cake, and she was very worried about the icing melting. She’s making something that looks very complicated. It’s a “Yay, Engagement!” cake.

I had the carbonara last night. I used a fun pasta- spaghetti rigate. The grooves on the pasta increased surface area and allowed more sauce to be caught and held. I included a clove of garlic in mine, but I wouldn’t do that in the future (hence, I did not include it in the recipe). The garlic taste was too strong. I realize that for an Italian purist, the use of cream is heresy. However, I have eggs and cream in my fridge that really need to be used. So I used them both. Nyeah.

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