I almost died!

So, in D&D, you lose consciousness at zero hit points, and then you’re dying, losing a hit point per round until you hit negative ten, in which case you die. I got down to negative seven. I have a feeling that the DM was being kind to Mynnyd. Why? We’re still in the astral plane, and getting him resurrected would have been an enormous pain. Mynnyd was rescued at the last moment by the appearance of a gold dragon we’d been travelling with, who scared off the attackers.

It was stupid. I had 54 hit points (out of my original 88). We were going to camp for the night when we decided to look inside this cavern to see if there was some shelter, so we wouldn’t just be sleeping outside. We were just going to go in a short distance, find a place to sleep, and in the morning, once our cleric had regained her healing spells and such, I’d be back up to snuff. We had a wand of healing, but we decided to save that for when it was really necessary.

Anyway, we go in, find a bunch of really unpleasant spider-like creatures, who proceed to beat the crap out of me and bull rush me off a causeway that’s 100 feet over the ground. OW.

But I’m still alive.

And we levelled, so I’ve got a new feat and skills to pick. Unfortunately, the armor I’m wearing (chain shirt [formerly +2]) doesn’t allow me to exercise my new dexterity bonus, so the bonuses to my armor class, ranged weapon attack, initiative, and reflex save won’t be going up. As soon as we get back to Manifest, I’m investing in some +2 or +3 mithril armor. Good times.

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