I just bought myself some of those slanted Oxo measuring cups. Five dollars for a set of three (one, two, and four-cup sizes) seemed like a good deal. Plus, I got paid today for my two days of work last week, so I felt like celebrating. A teeny tiny bit.

I still think I can smell pork on my hands. Last night Sara and I shredded a whole damn lot of pig for her church. They’re going to be making pulled pork sandwiches for the… yeah, I already talked about this. What was interesting is that they converted a non-functioning industrial refrigerator to a huge-ass smoker. I think that’s pretty much the coolest thing ever. Very Alton of them.

Operation Re-Geek is going fairly well. Man, I used to listen to some (but not all) downright horrible music. I am relieved that it’s not all crap, though. I’ve been slowly going through a few pages of manga each night, struggling with the scraps of Japanese left in my brain. Watched a few episodes of Escaflowne, Gokinjo Monogatari, and Maho Tsukai Tai yesterday, and I’ve got Utena and Shamanic Princess up for today. Major props to Maho Tsukai Tai (aka Magic Users’ Club) for still being able to make me laugh out loud.

There’s a new love in my life. Muir Glen Fire-Roasted Tomatoes. These made such a good salsa the other day! And a pretty tasty Jonsauce, too. They’re sold at Trader Joe’s for $1.19 for a 28 ounce can of whole tomatoes. That’s a good price. I took the leftover liquid from the can and boiled it down into a sauce consistency. I’ll use that to replace one of the cans of tomato sauce the next time I make Jonsauce and see how it tastes.

I need to make more salsa now. Ryan’s garden will not stop with the chiles!

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