Mm, leftover pizza. The family got together and went out last night to celebrate Dad and Ryan’s birthdays. And Jon and Ryan’s anniversary. And… my half-birthday, why not. We brought the ricotta-lemon cake and raspberry coulis to the restaurant, and they were very cool about us serving ourselves and eating not their food. I wasn’t expecting their coolness.

I’m on my lunch break at this week’s temp job. Woo. I’ve got another interview tomorrow, so yay also to that. Having money is a goodness.

The review for Shaun of the Dead is up at They’re Coming to Get You, Barbara! It got five severed thumbs, an honor reserved for the cream of the crop like Dead Alive and Killer Klowns from Outer Space. (Those are they only ones I might actually watch, since I’m still a big scaredy-cat when it comes to actually really scary horror films like Cube or Night of the Living Dead. Although come to think of it, Killer Klowns might scare me more. Because, really, they’re not just Clowns, which are by themselves scary, they’re Klowns, which is much scarier. And not only that, but Klowns that Kill. [I think it’s time for a “But I digress.” And… GO!] But I digress.)

Actually, I don’t think I had anything else to write about. I don’t know how much I’m going to be cooking this week- I always find that I cook less when I’m working. It’s probably because of the time needed to relax at home and clean off the Tivo.

I wonder if we’re playing D&D this week.

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