I think my job is going to be ever so keen. The people are awesome, the product is very beneficial, and I’ve got access to all the Diet Coke I want. Yay!

We are continuing in the fun horror genre this week. Tomorrow night, I’m going with Rob, Ryan, and hopefully Jeremy (pesterpester) to the midnight showing of Evil Dead II. So, a few years back, Jeremy was at a special screening of Army of Darkness in a theater with a balcony. Oh, yeah, and Bruce Campbell was there, too. I think Jer was sitting at the front of the balcony area, and at some point in the movie, he yelled out, “Get that man an Oscar!” To which the reply from below was, “I can see you!” And it was Ash himself. That’s so cool. And I think I told that story in the worst way possible. Whatever, good story, Sarah.

I need to cook tomorrow or something.

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