I made Beef Carbonnade last night. I tried a little of it, but I really wasn’t into eating when it finished cooking. So I guess it’s okay. Jon says it needs salt, but then, Jon says everything needs salt. And he’s usually right. He thought it was a little sweet, which I attribute to the chosen beer- I used Fat Tire, because it’s what I had. Well, it was either that or pumpkin ale, and that probably would have been vile. The beer Cook’s Illustrated (if you didn’t have an actual Belgian ale) recommended was Newcastle, which I like, and I would totally buy, but like I said, I already had Fat Tire. So I’ll try it again tonight or tomorrow, and let y’all know.

I’m so hungry. I’ve got the last container of my pasta e fagioli in the fridge here at work. Looking forward to lunch.

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