Well, I’ve still got one more curry recipe to post. I’ll do that later, although I’ll probably fuss with the times so that this appears above it. I’m not very helpful.

On Thursday night, I went with Ryan and the ‘rents to see Jon perform. It was a good show. Hookslide and The House Jacks. Good times.

Friday was spent making curries. Whee! Actually, these weren’t very hard. A little time consuming, but not bad. So on Saturday morning, I packed them and a bunch of cookies and headed over to Lydia’s, where I spent the day. We ate, drank, and made merry with anime and video games. I felt very stupid playing a taiko drumming game– even though I am a musician, I can’t say I have many skillz in rhythm. I’m sort of hopelessly white. I also felt stupid, although less so, playing Katamari Damacy. I kept forgetting what the controls were. But I still made a couple wee stars. That’s a bizarre game. We watched a fairly new anime showing in Japan called Yakitate!! It’s about a young man with really warm hands who wants to create Japan’s national bread. No, really.

On Sunday, I went over to Jon and Ryan’s and played video games that don’t make me feel inept. Well, game. I dearly love the Ratchet & Clank series, and can’t wait for Jon to get the third. Ryan made tons of cookies, I made tortillas that turned out disturbingly like matzoh (next time, more salt and rolled thicker), and Jon made yummy nachos (using the joy-sucking America’s Test Kitchen method).

I went to the grocery store last night to buy ingredients for my part of Thanksgiving. I was assigned two things- Crescent Rolls and Heart-Attack Broccoli. I thought about making buttermilk biscuits instead, but the Crescent Rolls are traditional. (And also used to be almost the only thing I would eat at Thanksgiving- Crescent Rolls and cranberry sauce.) I ended up sepnding $25, which seems rather ridiculous. Okay, a fifth of that was unnecessary, but two pounds of butter for five dollars? That’s a good price! Five dollars each on butter, broccoli, Velveeta (I know, shut up), and Ritz Crackers (what did I just say?). The Crescent Rolls were on sale, and I bought some little containers of the right size for one-person leftovers. I have a lot of Gladware and such that’s not really the right size in which to freeze lunch-sized portions.

I think that’s it. D&D tonight.

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