So, this broccoli recipe? Oh, it’s so good. I hate myself SO HARD for loving it. Karen F. is a family friend originally from the Midwest. She brought this to a Thanksgiving dinner probably eight or so years ago, and the family fell in love with it. Well, not fell in love. Fell into a horrible relationship where the broccoli beats us up, but we’re so screwed up that we let it happen.

Ee. That was a bad analogy. Love-hate relationship. That’s better. Dysfunctional. Anyway, Sara mentioned it on her blog, so I figured I had to get it up macht schnell.

Oh, Thanksgiving dinner was fabulous this year. (It was fabulous last year, too, but in a different way- we had duck… mmmmm. I digress.) My aunt and uncle came and visited from back east. Hi there, Peg and Ted! Aunt Peggy brought a recipe for this incredible soup from The Inn at Little Washington. Oh, it was amazing. We ate the leftovers at Thanksgiving II last night, and Sara said, “I would totally just drink this through a straw.” I have a copy of the recipe; I’ll post that later.

If I had patience, I’d make creamed onions all the time. Er, and if I was skinny. Yum! But peeling all those little onions is annoying. I wonder if it can be made successfully using frozen ones. (Insert rant here from my mom, saying that the frozen ones suck and have bad texture.) (Insert counter-rant from my brother, saying they’re easier and he can’t tell the difference.)

What else… oh, Ryan made tasty cranberry relish and mincemeat pie. And of course, there was also Indian Pudding for dessert. I stole the cookbook with the recipe in it, so I’ll post that later, too.

Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls, rutabagas! All wonderful!

I still have a curry recipe to post! Yipes!

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