So, yesterday was spent cooking. I got a Martha Stewart hors d’oeuvres cookbook recently, and I went through and marked all the things that didn’t seem to unnecessarily fussy. Ryan asked me to bring something salty to today’s 25th Annual Gingerbreadfest. I’ll let you know if any of these things pass muster.

One of them did. Ish. Needed some tweaking. I made a yogurt-tahini sauce last night that was pretty good, but a little too bitter. So I added some honey. I don’t know why not sugar. It seemed like a good idea at the time. And I think it was. I’m not going to bring it to the fest- there’s not really enough for… I don’t even know what we’d do with it. I’m planning on dipping popcorn in it.

I made a bunch of icebox crackers- Parmesan and rosemary, cheddar and cornmeal, Gruyere and thyme. They will have been in the fridge for 16 hours when I make them, not the recommended 24. Also, I didn’t have a food processor, so I just made them by hand, which may result in weird textures or not-combined-well-itude. Whatever.

Oh man, I made frico, and what a MESS! I first tried it the Alton Brown way, in the oven. Didn’t work. Stuck like mad to the parchment. So I made them in my lovely, lovely crepe pan, which worked, kind of. These are not pretty at all. Hopefully they’ll still be crunchy by the time the party starts.

Let’s see, what else? Crunchy, spiced garbanzo beans. Canned beans, dried in the microwave with a bunch o’ spices on them. Tasty, yes. Crunchy, not really. I probably won’t be bringing these. Or I’ll keep them in the car.

Recipes to make this morning include something involving bacon, possibly a mixed nuts thing, and a dip. I should probably get over there.

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