It has begun. The first Katamari Damacy cosplayers have hit the web. There are pictures of the Dashing Prince of All Cosmos here, here, and here. Also, there’s a Kuro, a Katamari Kousin, at the same event (Ohayocon– it’s a pun, get it?). That picture is here. As the King of All Cosmos might say, “It’s okay, but you can do better. Well, since you’re the Prince, you should do much better.” And while it might work in the game, trying to actually make a katamari that collects stuff and gets bigger in real life is tough. Eventually you just look like you’re lugging a pile of garbage around.

Why am I concerned with this? Well, as many of you know, Lydia and I will be attending Fanime in May. Lydia loves the cosplay. She’s quite good at it. She had been trying to get me to cosplay for this event. I refused, because cosplay can scare me. She told me of her plan to be the Dashing Prince. I laughed. Then I started playing Katamari Damacy. Then I was obsessed with the game. And so, I decided to join forces with Lydia and be a Katamari Kousin. Which one? Well, I’m partial to Kuro. Lydia likes Ichigo. Rob likes Jungle. The only annoying thing about Kuro is that his katamari doesn’t match well. I’m struggling to decide whether to make it the colors on the official site, or black, red, and grey, as I think it should be.

I did some calculations based on the game characters and discovered that for the standard cylindrical head, the width is approximately 70% your height. In my case, that’s about four feet. Meaning I’m going to have about 20 inches on either side of my head.

Lydia wants her katamari to have stuff stuck to it. I want mine to be pristine. Actually, what I really want is a katamari purse. Like knit the pattern sort of in the manner of this goofy hat here, attach it to some sorta spherical frame, and keep my stuff in it. Streamlining. I think I may ask Sara if she’d take a commission.

Anyway, I’m certain many more Katamari cosplayers will be popping up with each convention. Stay tuned!

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