More Katamari Damacy cosplay pictures- apparently there were a bunch of them at Katsucon this past weekend.

Holy crap! This Dipp is incredible!

This King of All Cosmos… there’s something missing… heehee. Although apparently his head lit up… awesome. Another shot. And another. Here’s the King with his… son? Not accurate by a long shot, but still very cute.

Here’s a big Katamari cosplay group with Ichigo, Kuro, June, Columbo, the Prince, and Jungle. Another group picture. Everyone holding their heads, hee! Casual, but in full costume.

Same group, individual pictures.
The Prince

Ooh, not so good. It doesn’t seem to turn out well when people show that they have necks.

This picture just confuses me. There’s a Prince, and… Utena in a Rose Bride dress with a Katamari head. Well, I mean, I guess I get it. The anime, Revolutionary Girl Utena, is all about princes, so I guess it’s a crossover that makes sense. Sort of. In a way that doesn’t make sense at all.

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