Last day o’ freedom. I’m cooking a bunch of stuff, but not anything new. Just getting prepared for future lunches. Tomorrow night is D&D, so I’m not going to be cooking anything. I want to make more sourdough bread, but I still have a lot left from my not-so-good batch. Jon was talking about it with Rob, his coworker who gave him his starter, and they say to move my oven rack closer to the top. Also, to make sure my oven’s getting up to 500. I forgot to put my oven thermometer in when I baked the bread.

I’m making the apple-rutabaga soup again (I had leftover vegetables, and what else was I going to do with them?). This time, I remembered the apple. I’m trying to lighten it just a little. Half a stick of butter, half and half instead of cream, and no maple syrup.

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