Feels like forever since I’ve posted. Sorry.

Went to a butcher on Friday to buy rabbit. Dittmer’s in Mountain View. What a cool little place! Oh, their porthouse looked good enough to eat raw. Their frozen cases were filled with really amazing things, too. So many organ meats! I was delighted. I’m going to have to go back there and buy lots of weird things. Er, once I have an idea of what to do with them.

So I made the rabbit curry over at Lydia’s yesterday. I thought it turned out really well. I took a chicken recipe and substituted rabbit meat. It worked. The meat was slightly sweeter than chicken, and the texture was slightly different, but it was really good. However, butchering a rabbit sucks. I got the guy at Dittmer’s to cut it into eight pieces, and then I tried to further deconstruct it. I wanted smallish, boneless pieces of meat, but that didn’t happen. Lydia ate the boneless bits I was able to cut away, and Zack and I each had a hind leg/thigh piece. I will post the recipe probably tomorrow. It was really quite good.

A trip to Lydia’s wouldn’t be complete without some anime, so we watched an episode of Maria-sama ga Miteru, or The Virgin Mary is Watching. First of all, that’s a creepy title. Secondly, that’s a boring anime. I guess it redeems itself with pretty character designs, although the animation wasn’t all that great. Lydia said she might give it a second chance, maybe, and I said there were better ways to spend 23 minutes. Then we watched the hour special of Yakitate!! episodes 11 and 12. I figured out the two “mysteries” of the baking competition very quickly, which delighted me and Lydia. The first was that was that Azuma had chosen margarine, and the second higher fat content butter doesn’t always translate into the best butter to use.

I tried on some of Lydia’s wigs- a long ash blond, a long black, and a short brown. I looked uniformly awful in them. I was very sad. Oh, and I lost an earring. That was sad, too. But happy- Lydia converted my extra-large Derrida t-shirt into something actually wearable. Huzzah!

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