Happy Birthday, Braisin’ Hussy!

Actually, that kind of surprised me. Apparently today is the birthday of the blog. I thought it was tomorrow, since that’s my birthday and this was a birthday present from my dear sister-in-law, Ryan. But yay! I’ve been blogging for a year. Interesting statistics:

Posts: 309
Recipes: 85
Recipes that actually involve braising: 4
Average readers per day: 42
Best month: December 2004
Best week: February 27-March 5, 2005

For a girl who claims to have a baking curse, I sure have done a lot of it. It’s kind of sad that a blog called “Braisin’ Hussy” would have baking recipes outnumber braising recipes by many factors. Maybe I’ve broken the curse. I make damn good cookies now.

I’m not a terribly aggressive blog pimper, but maybe I should become one. I should have more people coming here daily. 42? That’s pretty low. Although I do remember the days when I was excited I broke ten. I’m interesting, damn it! Read my blog!

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