I made a couple curries Friday night. Aloo Matar and a variation on the Massaledarh Sambhar. I poached chicken in its more soupy form while it reduced. It never got quite as thick as I wanted, though. I’m not eating it today, though, because I forgot to make rice. Tonight, then. I also made sourdough bread over Friday night and Saturday morning. It turned out… weirdly pale again. So I turned the broiler on and nearly burnt the top. The bottom crust is still as white as I am. I don’t get it. It’s getting placed on a rocket-hot pizza stone! Why doesn’t it brown?

Went over to visit Lydia (and by extension, Zack) on Saturday. I brought the less burnt loaf of bread as well as my reserved pale loaf from the first time I made it. They thought it was decent, I thought they were being kind. I finally got caught up with them in watching Yakitate!! (And sweet Jesus, in my thread over at TWoP, someone said, “Someone should really change the title of this thread to Yakitate!! Japan.” JEEZ. SORRY. I really don’t think we’re going to get someone saying something completely off topic and then going, “Oh, dear. I’m sorry. I thought this was the Yakitate!! Australia thread.” [Sorry, bitter. I’m probably going to get the same sort of flack for my Tsubasa thread.]) It’s such a cute show. And I love the new ending, with the manager Ken disco dancing to some surprisingly funky music.

Lydia and I went out for lunch to a soda fountain, which had rather disappointing food and drinks that were slightly too sweet (well, my orange Julius was, I don’t know about Lydia’s purple cow), but which was amusing all the same. Then we went to Jeremy’s, which is… I don’t know, like a consigment store? There were used and new designer clothes there. I bought two dresses, a hat, and a pair of boots. All J. Crew, I believe, and it cost me forty-seven dollars total. Lydia bought a shirt and a sterling and rose quartz ring. The dresses were eight dollars apiece. Lydia talked me into the hat, because it matched well to one of them. Actually, my scarf will also match, if I ever finish it. I know, me in dresses, sign of the apocolypse.

Walked around Mountain View yesterday, judging books by their covers. I was looking at the outside of apartment buildings. There weren’t any that looked particularly nice. The area is lovely, but the individual complexes generally looked crappy. Oh, well. I’ll look again at some point with fresh eyes. I got tired, went over to Rob and Jer’s to sit, and then it started raining. Jon and Ryan called and asked if I wanted to come over and eat and see their pretty new car. We watched some Cheap Seats. I think the Sklar brothers are cute.

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