I roasted some broccoli last night. It was vaguely disappointing. I used some of it in an omelet, along with some cheese. I have been attempting omelets lately. I suck at them. Quite a lot. (I just had to change that because I couldn’t decide if it was “hard core,” “hardcore,” or “hard-core.” LAME.) I can’t make a decent fold, and I end up using too much filling when I try. Also, I tend not to cook them long enough, so they can get a bit runny. I’m too afraid of overcooking. I was going to bake some potatoes, but it turns out all mine are a bit old. They’ve sprouted. I should not buy bags of potatoes. I should buy one or two at a time.

God, I haven’t even talked about last weekend yet. So behind! (So sleepy.) Well, the recipe below is from when I attempted to make frosting and ended up with sauce, because it never firmed up correctly. I was going to wait until it was slightly firm, then whip it into a frosting-like thing. Unfortunately, that never happened. We tried putting some onto a couple cupcakes, but it ran off the sides and looked unappealing. Tasted good, though. So it was chocolate sauce, not chocolate frosting.

The mojito-like drinks were good. People seemed to like them. Wow, does Lydia mix some strong drinks. If she offers you a Long Island, you might want to stick to… I don’t know, grain alcohol or something. I think it’ll be safer that way.

I think I left my limes behind. We never had any Office Parties. Lydia/Zack/whoever actually thought up that drink, would it be okay if I posted the recipe here?

I finally met Cynthia! As well as Matt and Meli! We did have fun at our little Cupcakes & Cocktails party. There was much Karaoke Revolution, in which I showed off my mad skills at thinking I knew a song, but only actually knowing the chorus and sucking at the rest of the song (ie. Broken Wings). I did okay at Billie Jean, Under Pressure (with Lydia), and some song I hate. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your early birthday celebration, Cynthia. It was lovely meeting you, and I look forward to seeing you down in L.A. in July!

D&D tonight.

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