Man, onions look terrible right now. I’m looking forward to when they come into season… soon, soon.

Went out for sushi last night with the Mountain View crowd. That ended up being a pricey little evening. We were celebrating Rosy and Quetzal’s birthdays. I thought I had calculated my portion out to about $22, but everyone ended up paying $35ish. Oh, well. I had enough money. It’s just that… now my wallet’s empty. Sorry, I’ll stop complaining and/or being a skinflint.

I started bread (of the very basic variety) on Sunday night. I woke up a half an hour early (ew, 6:30am) and made the dough before I went to work, then let it rise in the fridge all day/evening. (Adding to this after I’ve eaten some toast- damn, I love that bread!)

I have so much baking to do. So little time!

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