Okay, here’s the news. I am still working on collecting all the pictures of our costumes. I am trying to decide whether any of the other breads are worthy of recipe-posting besides the spice bread. The cheese and mustard bread is definitely out. I should have just made the Cook’s Illustrated “Quick” Cheese Bread. The pesto bread was, in my opinion, on the dry side. It tasted better with cheese. The French herb bread needed toasting and was better with butter. I wasn’t overwhelmed with any of the new breads I made except for the spice bread. That was quite good, although a little overcooked and strangely shaped on top (which is why I specified the smaller loaf pan in the recipe).

We had D&D tonight. New location, over at Cameron’s place. Nice. Big table for gaming. A bottle of Diet Coke in the fridge just for me (which was an “Aw” moment for me). A little sparsely furnished. One neighbor with incredibly sensitive hearing. But hey, we levelled! Now we’re second level feebs. Everyone except Jessa ended up getting beaten unconscious (and in some cases, very, very close to dead) by a big ol’ spider. That sucked. I was just running around healing, trying to keep people on their feet. Didn’t actually get hit at all.

I need to go prop ingredient shopping.

The trains were six minutes late today. That’s inexcusable!

I went to the optometrist today. I have a bunch of color contact samples and a new pink lens case.

Sara, I’m working on the tag thing, it’s just rather embarassing how little I’ve read recently. I mean, comics and cookbooks probably don’t count. And anthologies of fairy tales seem to be not mature enough. And I’ve been inheriting a lot of books, not actually buying any. I think the last time I actually spent money on books was… well, the White Elephant Sale (cookbooks) and Christmas (books about cooking that were going to be a gift to Jon, but then I found better presents for him).

I need to call my mom tomorrow.

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