I’m not planning on making anything new this week- I think. What I am going to make are two loaves of AB’s Basic Bread, one or two recipes or AB’s The Thin chocolate chip cookies, a loaf of Pain d’Épices (added a bit of cinnamon and used all AP flour this time), and some spicy bean dip. The last thing is for my D&D group, but the rest are what I’m bringing this weekend to a reading party. Yeah, the whole Harry Potter thing. Lydia’s making lunch, Kim’s bringing sippables, and I’m bringing baked goods.

(Ugh, I HATE the month-or-two-old design of Food Network. That stupid flash banner makes everything else I’m doing that much slower. Like copying a simple url- takes forever for the current one to show up. So the first time I published this post, all my links were pointing in the wrong directions. Also, I’m not fond of my ooooooold work computer that struggles with everything.)

We’ll see if I make anything else. After today, the only thing left to make will be the cookies, which means I still have Friday open for something. Oh, but laundry. Hm.

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