I’ve been editing my latest Katamari cosplay pictures; I’ve got five done so far. I’ll try and create a little narrative to tie them together a bit. (I figured one picture on the main page is enough, so these are linked to my Photobucket account.)

Kuro contemplates the swings… should he roll them up?

No, Kuro decides to swing. But there’s no one to push him. He’s all alone.

Kuro thinks, “Being a lone wolf kind of sucks sometimes. I wish The Prince were here instead of in Lancaster.”
(This is the picture I posted below, so you don’t really have to click.)

Adorable Earth moppet wonders what’s up with the strange lonely alien. Adorable Cousin of All Cosmos wonders what’s up with the weird Earth child.

Kuro playing on the slide.

Ha! I’m pretty sure Lydia and I are the only ones who have done the faces this way, so it’s fairly certain this post is about us. Also, given that the poster is from California, it’s more certain. Anyway, she thought we were boys. Even though the post seems to state that she saw our faces. Haha. We don’t really look that ungirly, do we?

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