Things I want to make this weekend:

Roast chicken
Tortilla soup
Potato-leek soup

Next week, Jer and I are going to stop wasting money and start bringing our lunches to work instead of perpetually going out (well, except for Indian food on Fridays). This is a good thing. Unfortunately, none of those recipes are new. Sucks to be my blog. (Well, I did get a new recipe for baguettes, but I’m tired of getting frustrated with the sticky dough of French breads. Maybe in a month or so I’ll try again.)

I need to buy more extra-virgin olive oil. There’s some kind at Trader Joe’s that Jon really likes. It’s good- I made a tasty spaghetti aglio e olio on Tuesday with it. I also splashed it all over one of my favorite old t-shirts. That was annoying.

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