Ren, I answered your question in the comments below. Lydia and/or Zack, please check it out and add anything helpful, if you can.

These two most recent recipes I made because I had the ingredients. “Hey, this cookie recipe calls for buttermilk? Kick ass.” I added allspice and cardamom because I thought it would be tasty, plus Lydia will be eating these, and she has a serious jones for the cardamom. I made the molasses spice cookies as well as Alton Brown’s The Thin chocolate chip cookies on Sunday over at my parents’ apartment. They have a lovely, lovely oven. It’s huge. I am a bad daughter. I left a bit of a mess over at their place. I totally forgot that I wasn’t at my house. Just goes to show how much it’s like home, eh?

…nah, I’m not getting out of that one. My mom says I do that again, she’s taking my keys.

I went over there for dinner tonight. Chicken parmesan, pasta, bread, salad, yum. Oh, and my cookies for dessert.

Apparently, after learning that I had been over to cook on Sunday, my dad went around and looked in the cupboards and refrigerator to see if I had left them any goodies. I hadn’t. I’m a jerk.

D&D tomorrow. Two of our new guys just left for a dancing group. Whatever, I say. They can go waltz. We’ll just be saving the world, thank you very much.

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