I went to Anime Destiny at UC Berkeley on Saturday with Debbie and Marian. The main reason I wanted to go was because Lydia had told me about this spherical sculpture near one of the entrances to the campus. She thought it could make a good Katamari prop. When I went to the Futurama lecture, I saw it and thought, “Hm, good idea.”

So I schlepped Kuro over to Berkeley, and forced Debbie to take pictures of me. Enjoy!

Check out this Katamari!

Why is there a gigantic hole in it?

Yep, that hole goes all the way through.

Rolling, rolling.

This picture was an attempt to make it look like I was backing up the Katamari and looking behind me. The head was shifted around sideways on my shoulders. We didn’t really get the effect I was hoping for, but I still like the photo.

Oh crap, the Katamari is rolling over me! Actually, Debbie took this picture just as my head fell off my shoulders. I quite like the resulting picture.

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