I got a wonderful Christmas present at work. As you might have heard via my relentless bitchings about it, I have a crappy computer at work. It was as old (possibly older) as the computer I got when I went to college. 1998. That is a long friggin’ lifespan for a computer. It HATED me. “You want me to run Eudora, Firefox, IE, Filemaker, Excel, AIM, Acrobat, and Word all in one session? Bitch, please.” Slower than molasses, this computer was. But thanks to my wonderful boss, I got a new computer yesterday! I was just hoping for a less-old one, but this thing is brand new. It’s nice. And QUIET. It’s kind of freaky.

I need to clean my house. It’s a mess. Presents and wrapping paper and crap everywhere. I need to get everything in order so that I can mess it up with new stuff next week.

I love this quote from the San Francisco Chronicle (full article here):

Indeed, there are those who also say that all Jewish holidays, with the exception being the solemn days of fasting, consist of the following basic narration: “A cruel ruler came into power, he tried to destroy and annihilate us, our people held their faith and overcame the foes, triumphing in the face of destruction! Now let’s eat!”

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