Congrats to Lydia and Zack on their engagement!

Our holiday party is this afternoon. There was a thing with a strike and caterers, which is why it was postponed to January. I’ll let you know how the food is.

We almost lost Balthazar, Jer’s character, last night during D&D. We kind of got a little full of ourselves and decided to take on 40 enemies in one encounter. And then we decided to take on one really tough guy before we levelled. If we had waited until we were level six, it would have been a bit easier, since three of us would have gotten our second attack. But we survived, thanks to a simple distraction spell cast by our magister. Hurray! Scott, our DM, says that if that hadn’t worked, we probably would have lost two party members. (Brindel would have survived, because she runs FAST.)

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