I went to Wondercon yesterday in San Francisco. I met up with some friends and we traipsed around the dealers’ room in search of merchandise. I was looking for Pinky:st dolls (which I found), and TeapotGirl was looking for a Booster Gold action figure (which she didn’t find). We also ended up buying some Voodoo Baby dolls– I got this one for Barbara May.

The four of us (TeapotGirl, John, Barbequed, and I) had lunch over in the Metreon at a restaurant called LJ’s Martini Club and Grill. Apparently it’s moving locations soon. John and TeapotGirl got pizzas, Barbequed had salmon, and I had duck ravioli (with roasted garlic cream sauce and forest mushrooms). The sauce was fabulous, and the mushrooms very tasty. The ravioli were slightly less impressive. I found a small bone in one; that kind of sucked. I think the sauce would have been better on maybe a more basic cheese tortellini or something. Ooh, or make a soup out of the sauce and mushrooms. Nah, that’s be too rich and gross after about three bites. It was really good, though.

We got dessert, too. Creme brulee and a flourless chocolate cake. Debbie got a lovely tawny port.

LJ’s was overpriced but good. Since it’s moving to (I’m guessing) a less convenient location, I can’t see myself going back. That garlic cream sauce was just magnificent, though. Mm!

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