This month’s “Cake Day” at work is not cake, but soups. I was a BAD FOODIE and decided not to bring one in. The apple-rutabaga soup is too much prep hassle to make for my coworkers (plus there’s the bitch step of sieving it, since my blender is not as awesome at pulverizing as Barbara May’s is). Potato-leek is an unattractive grey color and basically an unexciting soup (as is chicken noodle). The chicken tortilla soup separates into layers (plus, I think it’s a little too spicy for general consumption). My attempts at pasta e fagioli have either had mediocre flavor or set up into an un-soup-like consistency (no links for the first time I tried it, I never posted it). Let us not speak of the time I attempted ribollita. Matzoh ball soup is… well, I make it from a mix, there’s no challenge there. Cream of roasted cauliflower, also unattractive. I was unimpressed with my attempt at making cream of mushroom soup, although I should really try that again, since I screwed it up the first time. Hm, what other soups have I made? The creamy scallion-mushroom soup isn’t great (although a pretty color). Oh! The lentil soup! That was GOOD. I could have made that.

I wonder if the sweet potato gratin dish could be made into a good soup. Sweet potatoes, cream, maple, chipotle… sounds promising to me.

Also, I was too busy to make soup- we started our new campaign last night! My new character is a rogue named Kaya Marquette. (Terrible name, isn’t it?) I came up with a pretty decent backstory for her, but I can’t divulge it here. I want to keep it a secret from the other players until it comes up in story. (Just in case they read my blog- long shot, I know).

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