I’m better now. I got to visit the family. It was awesome.

I have lots of food in my freezer. I poached some perch last week. Perch that I had bought in 2004. Thankfully, it still tasted like fish, and not like freezer burn. The poaching wasn’t all that interesting- I used some chicken stock, wine, and the leftover steaming liquid from the last time I made mussels (sometime last year). I took the poaching liquid after the fish was done and reduced it. I’m saving it for who knows what. I took the leftover fish and shredded it, then made it into salad for sandwiches (openfaced on TJ’s Garlic Naan- not as good as Deep or Pillsbury). It’s pretty good. A little fishier aftertaste than canned tuna.

I need to do something involving chicken. I have three in my freezer. When I finish with those, I can make tons and tons of stock. Which will then clutter up my freezer. It’s neverending. (Nanana, nanana, nanana.)

D&D tonight.

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