The Doctor and Rose come running up against a barricade, still miles from ground zero, and converse at length about how amazing it is and how this is First Contact and the doctor is so lucky to…be there, or something. I don’t know — he’s got a time machine. I don’t understand how…so the TARDIS just runs all roughshod and 1d20 over him all the time? That’s how it goes? No wonder he acts like a kid all the time.

This is a bit from the Television Without Pity recap of the Doctor Who episode “The Aliens of London.” Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s referring to the teleport spell, correct? Which even I know is a d% (2d10 is totally different from a d20). I may suck hardcore at playing spellcasters, but I do remember that time Merreck transported us and Scott rolled poorly. Our party landed way off course, in the ocean. We would have drowned, but thankfully Merreck had another teleport left for the day (and this time, the roll was better).

Speaking of which, D&D’s tonight.

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