Wow. We have lost two party members in two weeks. Last week our halfling cleric, Tibbet, was killed by an ogre. This week, our bard/warmage Hitch was killed by a howler, a kind of spiked demon dog. We also left Hitch’s body behind as we ran the hell away. Bad comrades! Kaya’s character has been moving from “foolhardy” to “paranoid” and now to “COWARD.”

(I sort of think our party name should be The Quick and the Dead. Of course, that probably wouldn’t inspire confidence in anyone who was looking for an adventuring party.)

I made this multigrain bread on Sunday. It’s really quite tasty. I used a mixture of sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds (because strangely enough, I had pepitas in my freezer). I need to mix together some honey butter. I think that’d taste fabulous on this.

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