Ha HA! The ANTM spoiler I read was wrong! Furonda stayed! Man, I was so surprised when they sent Nnenna home. It’s not like Nnenna really needs this competition, anyway. Now that she’s gotten some exposure through the show, I’m sure she’ll get signed quickly. Ee, I’m so happy Furonda didn’t get cut.

(Yes, I dork out over America’s Next Top Model. What?)

So, tonight at D&D was very exciting. My character almost died.Zed ‘s character (our wizard) almost died. We ran away from that battle! However, although we didn’t earn any experience at all, we did get a bunch of money. I hope Kaya lives long enough to collect her mithril chain shirt. (Well, actually, R☆’s first character, Hitch, put in the order, but then he got all dead and stuff.)

I’ve been trying not to use my car this week. I think I’ll be able to make it to Saturday, but then I’m going over to Barbara May’s to hang out with her, Sara, and Kiddo, and I’m toting my unfinished Katamari costume pieces. Hopefully I’ll get Honey finished in a positive direction.

I got contacted by the guy setting up the Katamari Bay to Breakers. Man, I bet that’d be crazy, and possibly very fun. But even if I switched out my red shoes for comfortable black walking shoes (they’d at least go with the overall color scheme), I just don’t think I could last with that head weighing me down (not to mention that with the face plate up, the heads look less good, and I’d have to have it up to see where I was going). Posing for pictures and walking around conventions is much easier. Imagine that!

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