Man, I am looking forward to this vacation! I am also looking forward to getting back from this vacation so I can get my life back to normal again.

We got a new vending machine at work. The old company had just raised their prices, and it pissed my boss off, so he switched to another company. Now everything’s like fifteen to thirty-five cents cheaper. It’s a good thing. I bought some Knott’s Berry Farm Raspberry Shortbread cookies to celebrate. Yum.

In real news, my job is being converted from a fixed-term position to a permanent one. Wahoo!

Before leaving for the hell that is Los Angeles tomorrow night, I’m spending the day with my parents, aw. We’re going to play tennis! I am going to suck at it! But it will be super-fun anyway. Then, while I do laundry and sleep, my parents are going to watch Wimbledon. Because the ‘rents do love the tennis.

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