Damn, I started writing a new post yesterday, and then my laptop switched off unexpectedly. And of course, since the Blogger auto-save function is a POS, I lost the post. Crapola.

I made guacamole again last night. Zed had a bunch of avocados that were heading into overripe territory. I think I may need to edit the recipe to specify white onions. I don’t really know if there’s much of a difference between white and yellow onions, but I use yellow (because they’re cheaper), and my guac is very very onion-y. J uses white and his is less onion-tastic. Not sure if there’s a correlation there, but maybe. Who knows.

I’m going over to J and Barbara May’s tonight to visit the li’l one. Last time I saw him (not that long ago, I swear), he was just starting to crawl. Now, after a trip to Michigan, he’s pulling himself up onto things! Amazing! Must be something in the air up there. I need to sit Kiddo down and have a talk with him about how he needs to keep crawling for a while and not immediately start walking. He doesn’t want to end up like his Aunt Sarah who has no concept of left and right.

Yes, yes, neglecting the blog. Nope, haven’t made anything new (or at all, I think) since the guac two weeks ago.

R☆ moved the What’s Open Now sites over to India so he could have these awesome URLs:
I have a bunch of hours for the business district in Palo Alto, but I haven’t typed them up yet.

Chicken feet are not for me. Or at least, not the way they prepare them at Canton Delights, the local dim sum place. I went there with R☆ last weekend. We didn’t order a ton, so it was pretty cheap. We spent $15 on five dishes. The sesame balls (really, what I wanted to go for) were tasty. The fried taro dumplings were very good. The vegetable dumplings were pretty mediocre (when I order something marked “vegetable,” I expect more than mushrooms and tofu). The pork buns were satisfying. They had very good tea. I would go back there.

Let’s see… the weekend before that, my friends TeapotGirl and Barbequed (her little sister) came to visit. We went over to Cupertino Village (aka that big Asian shopping center with the 99 Ranch) and ate at the Korean Tofu House. It was a bit pricey, but good. Kind of 50/50 on whether I’d go back- I think I could find the same quality for cheaper nearby. I hear there are some really good places in Sunnyvale. I should eat more Korean food. I don’t get it often, but every time I do, I’m happy.

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