Loyal readers! All… 180 of you? Holy crap, that’s more than I thought read this. I am thinking about switching journalling services. I don’t know if Blogger is so much my thing anymore.

First option, Vox. Interesting layouts. Pretty decent interface. Tags appear on the main page. My main problem with Vox is that you can’t comment anywhere without a Vox account, and since account creation is still invite-only, that’s annoying. (I have five invites, if anyone’s interested.) Also, the comments aren’t nested. There are ads, but they can be pretty easily blocked.

Then there’s Livejournal. The layouts aren’t as nice as Vox, but it’s still got tags. Comments can be anonymous if I allow it. Comments are nested. Tags exist, but are showing up sporadically. They also only show up on the entry pages, not the main page (at least in the very basic way I have it set up right now). Would be kind of a pain, personally, for me.

Maybe I should just wait and see if Vox ever opens up registration or starts allowing anonymous commenting.

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